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Android Speaks Spanish, But Brands Don’t Speak Android

Fans of Pets Sports resized 600  Android Speaks Spanish, But Brands Don’t Speak AndroidPosted by Mary Ellen Gordon, PhD on Thu, Oct 03, 2013      According to the U.S. Census Bureau , more than 12% of people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home, and nearly fifty million Americans are of Hispanic origin. The collective purchasing power of Hispanics is expected to reach 1.5 trillion dollars by 2015 . Brands are clearly aware of the importance of this demographic group, and there are advertising agencies dedicated toward helping brands communicate with Hispanic consumers . Nonetheless results of some recent research suggest that brands are not doing enough to create positive app experiences for Spanish speaking consumers in spite of the fact that Hispanics in general are enthusiastic users of smartphones.Last week’s Advertising Research Foundation forum on the intersection between mobile and culture inspired us to investigate what the overall U.S. appscape looks like from the perspective of Spanish-speaking device users. Flurry is able to do that because we can detect what language a user’s device is set to each time they start an app session, and we record data from over a billion app sessions each day in the U.S.Defining Spanish Interest AppsWe started by defining Spanish Interest apps as those for which there is at least one U.S.-based user with their device’s language set to Spanish for every twenty set to English. We used this as an indication that a non-trivial proportion of the app’s users speak Spanish, indicating some level of interest in the app among Spanish speakers. As shown below, 15% of apps with fifty or more daily users in the U.S. were in this category.Android Speaks SpanishThe overall percentage of Spanish Interest apps is in line with what you might expect given the prevalence of Spanish speakers in the U.S., but what’s surprising is how those apps are distributed across mobile operating systems. As shown below, nearly half of Android apps are Spanish Interest apps compared to less than 5% of iOS apps. In other words, 47% of Android apps have one or more user with their device set to Spanish for every twenty who have it set to English. That is only true of 4% of iOS apps.It’s important to note that this may not be so much a reflection of app availability as it is a reflection of device ownership patterns since the apps a user can run are determined by their device’s operating system.Spanish Speaking Android Users Love Games Even More Than Everyone Else DoesThe apps that have the greatest number of U.S. users with devices set to Spanish as compared to English are mainly Spanish language apps (some originating from the U.S. and some from countries for which Spanish is the dominant language). Other than that, Spanish Interest apps span the full range of app categories but are disproportionately likely to be in the Game, Live Wallpaper, Personalization, and Photography categories in Google Play. As shown below, Spanish Interest apps are also over-represented in some iOS categories, but because the base rate on iOS is so low (4%) the absolute percentage of Spanish Interest apps is still relatively low even in categories in which they are over-represented.

Users With Devices Set To Spanish As Compared To English Are Mainly Spanish Language Apps (some Originating From The U.s.

Fans Of Pets, Sports, And BargainsBy definition, the audience for Spanish Interest apps includes Spanish speakers, but we wanted to find out what else we could # learn about the audience for those apps. We did that by identifying which Flurry Personas (psychographic segments) are over- and under-represented in Spanish Interest apps. We found that Pet Owners, Sports Fans, and Value Shoppers are among the over-represented Personas and Auto Enthusiasts, Home and Garden Pros, and Real Estate Followers are among the under-represented. A more complete list is provided below.Brands Don’t Speak AndroidMany brands have taken a while to embrace mobile at all, and to the extent that they have they have tended to start with iOS. Some haven’t ventured any further. In some cases that is due to concerns about fragmentation or for brand safety in the more open Android ecosystem, but it is also due to the demographics of the user bases for iOS and Android. A considerable body of evidence suggests that, on average, iOS users are more affluent than Android users and they tend to spend more money in a variety of product categories.Combine that with the tendency of Spanish Speakers to use Android devices, and it’s easy to understand why few brands have created Spanish language apps. The fact that some of the Personas most coveted by advertisers are under-represented in the apps in which Spanish speakers are most over-represented reinforces this point.Given the size of the Spanish speaking population, the shift of consumer attention toward mobile, and the advertising budgets following them, this situation needs to change. Our results show that if marketers want to reach Spanish speakers on mobile they are going to need to do so using Android. That creates an opportunity – or really a necessity -- for Hispanic-focused advertising agencies to lead in creating high-quality brand promotion on Android. While Android users in the U.S. may be less affluent than iOS users, collectively they still have massive purchasing power, and world-wide, Android is even more dominant than it is in the U.S. Given the size of the Android audience world-wide, teaching brands to speak Android could pay big dividends well beyond those that can be generated from U.S. Spanish speakers. 
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This Is Nikon's New Flagship D4S

Oh" Read"

The DSLR was, sadly, powering glass when Engadget caught sight regarding it. Together With virtually any luck, we'll learn much more later this week. [Engadget]
. In Which plate glass obviously prevented much near inspection, nevertheless rumors claim that the newest camera will give you a new imaging engine as well as quicker autofocus. This is Nikon's New Flagship D4S
While Nikon can have off its new pro-grade DSLR, your D4S, at CES, the digital camera has been unveiled from an official press event more than inside Hong Kong. However the actual image will reveal that Nikon appears for the sticking with its usual manage layout. Here it is.

This is Nikon's New Flagship D4S
RelatedNikon D4S WIll Always Be Nikon's Subsequent Flagship DSLR Monster--What Will That Do?Nikon just designed a "development announcement" saying that Nikon D4S is likely to be the actual successor for the two-year previous Nikon D4 (pictured above)

Roe Mobile Development - The Voice Recorder

Roe Mobile Development - The Particular Voice Recorder

Tim Cook Expresses Thoughts on Equality in Auburn University Award Speech

The CEO cited an area from your united Nations preamble emphasizing equality, along with talked about locating a new company throughout Apple which "deeply believed in advancing humanity through its products as well as by means of the particular equality of all associated with its employees."
Apple CEO Tim Cook received any lifetime achievement award coming from his alma mater Auburn university at a Ny event about Tuesday, using a video in the speech surfacing on the college's YouTube channel nowadays (via AllThingsD).
Now, a lot has changed since my early times from Apple, but these values, which in turn are the really coronary heart of our company, remain your same. Note: Credited to the potentially controversial nature of the discussion relating to this topic, the particular dialogue thread is actually located within our Politics, Religion, Social Problems forum.All forum members and also site visitors are thanks regarding visiting study and also stick for you to the thread, nevertheless submitting can be limited to forum members together with no less than one hundred posts.

Throughout his remarks, Cook highlighted his general support for that progression involving human equality inside the Usa as well as throughout your world. Right now will always be the time for you personally to create these ideas associated with basic human dignity directly into it involving law. However Apple's engineers pushed again against this unacceptable reality; each goes to extraordinary lengths to make our items available in order to people with a variety of disabilities through blindness along with deafness, to numerous muscular disorders. I have lengthy advocated this, as well as Apple has implemented protections for employees, even if the laws would not. He then joined Apple inside 1998, as well as was named CEO involving the business about August 24, 2011 right after late Apple co-founder steve Jobs resigned in the position.

Tim Cook Expresses Thoughts about Equality within Auburn College Award Speech - Mac Rumors. Cook in addition discussed his as well as Apple's support for your Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which in turn your CEO also championed inside an op-ed written pertaining to the Wall Street Journal last month: These types of values get in addition not too long ago guided us to guide legislation in which demands equality and non-discrimination regarding most employees, regardless of that they love. This kind of legislation, recognized since the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, prohibits discrimination on the time frame associated with sexual orientation or even gender identity. These kind of values guidebook us to produce our goods available pertaining to everyone...people together with disabilities often find themselves in a struggle to get their particular human dignity acknowledged; they're frequently left inside the shadows regarding technological advancements that are a supply of empowerment along with attainment pertaining to others. Cook originally graduated from Auburn university inside 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree inside Industrial Engineering

Gartner Says Actionable Analytics Will Be Driven by Mobile, Social and Big Data Forces in 2013 and Beyond

or its management. Founded throughout 1979, Gartner is headquartered inside Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A., and contains 5,800 associates, including 1,450 study analysts along with consultants, and clients within 85 countries.
Gartner provides identified 3 key developments with regard to analytics as well as BI experts to just take directly into account within 2013 as well as recommendations about how to tackle them:

Increasing competition, price and also regulatory pressures will motivate company leaders to end up being able to adopt more prescriptive analytics, making enterprise choices smarter and more repeatable and decreasing personnel costs
More details about the BI & Analytics Summit 2013 within Texas are available in

More details on the BI & Details Management Summit in Sydney can be found with
To help make analytics much more actionable as well as pervasively deployed, BI and analytics specialists must create analytics much more invisible and also transparent to their users -- by means of easy natural language interfaces pertaining to exploring data as well as by means of embedded analytic apps at the aim of decision or even action.
Gartner Says Actionable Analytics Will Possibly Be Driven through Mobile, Social and also big Information Forces inside 2013 and also Beyond
Analysts in order to explore Actionable Analytics at Gartner business Intelligence along with Analytics Summit 2013 February 25-26 throughout Sydney along with March 18-20 in Grapevine, Texas

Solutions architects should function along with company analysts, subject issue experts and business managers for you to develop an understanding of the types of business decisions which will most likely be produced as well as let computers create decisions that are structured and repeatable in order to conserve people's some occasion and focus for your thinking and also actions which computers can not do.
Additional details and also analysis on information resources will be discussed in the Gartner Enterprise Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2013 taking place February 25-26 throughout Sydney and also March 18-20 inside Grapevine, Texas. for much more information, visit

Information from your Gartner BI Summits 2013 will be shared about Twitter from utilizing #GartnerBI.

STAMFORD, Conn., February 11, 2013View all Press Releases

Business intelligence (BI) along with analytics continues to be a high CIO investment priority, yet user surveys by Gartner, Inc. These types of man-machine partnerships are usually emerging as well as becoming more as well as more sophisticated inside ways that place the device or perhaps application to consider much more natural inputs, like published as well as spoken questions, extending analytics in order to nontraditional users.

As analytics moves closer to the point associated with motion throughout real time, any shift will be occurring from techniques which primarily aggregate and compute structured data, toward analytic methods in which correlate as well as relate structured and also unstructured data, and reason, understand as well as deliver prescriptive advice. Successful operational intelligence systems offload just as much perform as anyone can coming from people. This specific appears being changing as organizations invest to make analytics "invisible," and more consumable and also accessible, for the nontraditional analytics user. Enterprise intelligence along with analytics experts should begin by simply identifying specific information exploration and also high-value decision-making opportunities where creating analytics invisible, transparent, context-aware along with available in real time and also power to particular constituencies can in addition add demonstrable value. Members of the press can easily sign-up for this summit simply by Christy Pettey with
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ContactsRob van der MeulenGartnerrob.vandermeulen@gartner.comJanessa RiveraGartnerjanessa.rivera@gartner.comAbout GartnerGartner, Inc. Gartner shall not really end up being liable for any damages whatsoever arising out with the content material as well as use regarding this blog..
The growing volume associated with real-time information and in addition the reduced occasion with regard to decision generating are generating companies for you to implement real-time operational intelligence techniques which make supervisors and operations staff more effective.
More in depth analysis can end up being acquired within the record "Actionable Analytics Will Most Likely Be Driven simply by Mobile, Social as well as Huge data Forces inside 2013 and Beyond" the statement can become obtained in Gartner's site with Coming From CIOs and also senior IT leaders inside corporations as well as government agencies, to always be able to company leaders in high-tech as well as telecom enterprises and also expert services firms, to technology investors, Gartner will be the valuable companion within more than 13,000 distinct organizations. Your Gartner BI & Analytics Summit is actually particularly made to drive organizations toward analytics excellence simply by exploring the latest developments throughout BI along with analytics along with examining how the two disciplines relate to no less than one another. and also 1 p.m.
Additional strategies with regard to BI and analytics will be offered within the webinar "Strategies with regard to Company Intelligence as well as Analytics within the Cloud" getting place March 28 at ten a.m. In exactly the actual same time, virtually all associated with the event information open to human recipients -- even information feeds, email, tweets and other unstructured data (content) -- is now throughout digital form consequently software program resources may method it. "The challenge is that companies have way more data than people have time, and additionally the quantity of knowledge that is generated every minute keeps increasing. EST. This specific content material may certainly not be utilized for any additional purposes within some other types or media. These kinds of forces are generally motivating managers to help to make use of selection management software program technologies throughout more places, as well as to utilize more sophisticated types of these technologies. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight required for its clients to make the right decisions, every day.

"A huge enterprise helps make an extraordinary amount of choices every day," mentioned Rita Sallam, research vice president analyst with Gartner. Exactly Where the actual trigger along with sequence involving events are understood, leading indicators may be utilized to predict situations associated with threat or even opportunity before these people occur -- to ensure that the reaction may be proactive. Your content about this weblog can be provided on an "as-is" basis. Selection management software runs on-demand whenever a person or perhaps an application plan wants computational support with regard to building a decision. Throughout additional cases, the system prepares recommendations or perhaps performs part of the analysis and presents info to some human choice maker (decision support systems). In Order To sign up for this complimentary webinar, please visit

Members in the press can sign up regarding this summit simply by calling Susan Moore with

Companies are usually under pressure to enhance the grade of their own decisions, while reducing their own staffing as well as complying using ever-increasing regulation to produce choices transparent, auditable and repeatable. Your friendlier, more transparent along with as a result much more invisible the analytics are to users, the greater broadly they will will be adopted -- specifically by simply customers who have never employed BI equipment -- and the higher the particular impact analytics could get upon enterprise activities. Gartner analysts will talk about how a Nexus associated with Forces will impact BI along with analytics, along with reveal greatest practices pertaining to developing as well as managing successful mobile BI, analytics as well as master information management initiatives. through the actual sources associated with Gartner Research, Gartner Executive Programs, Gartner Consulting and also Gartner Events, Gartner works with each as well as every client to research, analyze along with interpret the business involving IT inside your context of his or her individual role.
The volume involving relevant, real-time information is growing, but the occasion accessible to create decisions and also reply is actually shrinking. In certain cases, the system can increase your risk for decision (intelligent selection automation). (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading details technologies research and also advisory company. Viewers may copy along with redistribute blog postings on additional blogs, or perhaps normally pertaining to private, non-commercial or even journalistic purposes.
Gartner Says Actionable Analytics Is Likely To Be Driven by Mobile, Social and also Large data Forces in 2013 and also Beyond

Organizations must offload event information capture, filtering, mathematical calculations along with pattern detection to become able to real-time operational intelligence software, to provide much better scenario awareness for you to business people. Within the facial skin regarding accelerating business processes and a myriad associated with distractions, real-time operational intelligence techniques are shifting through 'nice in order to have' in order to 'must get pertaining to survival.' The Particular much more pervasively analytics may be deployed in order to business users, customers as well as consumers, the particular higher the actual impact will possibly be inside real-time upon enterprise activities, competitiveness, innovation and also productivity."
Comments or perhaps opinions expressed upon this weblog are the type regarding the person contributors only, and do not necessarily represent the views involving Gartner, Inc. Exactly Where this is actually simply not possible, the particular system may be accustomed to improve your outcome by decreasing the lag moment among events as well as responses. demonstrate that merely 30 percent regarding potential customers within an organization adopt CIO-sponsored analytics tools.
Moving toward something which looks basic and invisible from the user's perspective will demand a fantastic deal regarding computing power, extended capabilities and also skills, as well as prospective complexity inside details management systems

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